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Today, models for both technology and business processes are developing faster than ever before.  Audis provides consultancy services on Digital Archiving, Process Management and Physical Archiving with its 400+ project knowledge and experience.

  • Digital Archiving.

    • Document Management Processes,

    • Backlog Archive Digitization,

    • Daily (Daily) Archive Digitization,

    • Storage and Disposal Processes After Digitization.

  • Process management.

    • Document Based Process Improvement,

    • Making Business Processes Efficient (Process Engineering),

    • RPA Process Design,

    • Risk management.

  • Physical Archiving.

    • Physical Archive Editing,

    • Storage and Disposal Plans,

    • Archive Request and Debit Monitoring Processes,

    • Efficient Configuration of Storage Areas,

    • Efficiency of Storage Materials.