Digital Archive System

Mailbox Management System, documents recorded on the website are automatically forwarded to the document owners without the need for additional indexing. Information e-mails are sent simultaneously.

It accelerates the business processes of companies that want to work especially in home office and paperless. Employees view the documents assigned to them in their work list. With the "To Check" and "Checked" tabs, users' job lists are always up to date.

Users can share documents within the company on the Digital Archive System.


Dijital Arşiv Sistemi
Evrak İletimi
  • Quality scanning with image enhancement and compression technology

  • Manual document upload function for locations without document scanner

  • Automatic information e-mailing to document owners

  • In-house digital document sharing

  • Assigning document ownership at the user's initiative or sharing periodic documents

  • Elimination of the burden of document classification and separation

  • Fast and secure document sharing within the institution by eliminating the burden of data entry

  • Keeping user screens clean thanks to process states

  • Digital document embezzlement 

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