Mailroom Management System

You can record the documents coming to your company on WorkLink+. In-house document movements, embezzlement and destruction processes  You can manage, scan and instantly transmit the images of the documents to the document owners. Document holders can share within the organization via WorkLink+.

  •   Incoming Document Module

  • In-house Document Distribution Module

  • Outgoing Document Module

  • Physical Archive Module

  • Reporting Module

Muhaberat Yönetim Sistemi
Evrak Yönetim Sistemi

The Outgoing Document Module has a structure where all employees can make shipment requests with minimum effort, and the shipment status can be monitored with cargo integrations. It allows consolidation of shipments to the same locations to reduce shipping costs. It eliminates the risk of incomplete information entry on the post with rule-based forms and fields. Work steps are dynamically designed very easily according to your company's communication processes. Bulk shipment request can be created with Excel upload function. The documents to be sent can be scanned and forwarded to the recipient via e-mail in integration with the physical shipment.  

Every document sent to your company and directed to the archive process is automatically transferred to the Physical Archive Module. Requests, embezzlement and destruction processes are centrally managed on the Physical Archive Module. Automatic notifications are made for inventories that have expired on the system within the rule sets defined according to the Creation Date and Document Type criteria. Inventory tracking is carried out on the basis of the company and the Archive Company you work with.

Cargo Integrations


Advanced Reporting

Embezzlement and Destruction Tracking