Workflow Management System

Organizations work on hundreds of processes. Applications, databases, paper documents that solve instant process-specific needs  Business models consisting of different methods, from e-mail to e-mail, trigger operational errors and inefficient processes.

Workflow Management Systems enable organizations to achieve their business goals more easily with the optimization of business processes and real-time business understanding. You can perform all your tasks and requests from anywhere.

With its user-friendly design, WorkLink+ allows you to manage all your processes in a location-independent digital environment, adding efficiency to your processes by keeping your work list up-to-date with instant notifications. 

İş Akış Yönetim Sistemi

WorkLink+ is open to integration. It automatically accounts your financial records by integrating with systems such as SAP, Oracle.

  • Purchasing Module

  • Cost Module

  • Travel Module

  • Demand Management Module

  • Personnel Leave Management Module

  • Personnel Request Module

  • And We Can Design Your Desired Business Processes



Calendar Display

Limit Based Approvals

Access Your Processes Out of Office