Document Management System

Document Management System is a solution created to manage information in its life cycle, increase business efficiency and control the cost and risk of growing content. Document Management System consists of components such as integration of data and content with other systems, archiving of corporate information, management of legal and legal content, records management, e-mail management.

Users do not waste time in document search, supply, return, sharing processes, your institution turns into a knowledge bank. Since the access of the physical document is restricted, the risks of loss are eliminated.

Audis provides Document Management System integration by transferring your existing archives to electronic environment. Digital Archiving Continued...

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Document Management System

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Document Management Systems are at the heart of corporate efficiency as companies face the operational challenges brought by COVID-19.

The Document Management System manages the lifecycle, distribution and use of information and documents, from data and image processing to archiving and destruction processes. ​

  • Simple and responsive interfaces

  • Access to information and documents within authorization

  • File cards in company and department breakdown

  • Defining document types in file cards

  • Defining imprint information on the basis of document type

  • Document status statuses

Data and Image Processing

Document Sharing

Access Your Documents From Outside the Office