Mailroom Management

Shipments coming to your institution daily from various channels such as cargo, mail, courier, hand, etc. are recorded and delivered, digitized with special and efficient technologies, and the identity of the document within the institution is automatically completed. Digitized documents, along with their metadata, are transmitted to the document owner quickly and securely via the WorkLink+ Digital Archive System .  

In case the Communication Processes are not supported by software controls and automations, many errors in your daily functioning and accordingly loss of time, legal and financial risks are opened.

With the WorkLink+ Mailroom Management System and the WorkLink+ Digital Archive System developed for Communication Processes, Audis differentiates itself from its competitors and makes your Communication Processes faster and more error-free than ever before.

Scanning a document that comes to your company and sending it to the relevant person via e-mail or a system is not correspondence management. The entire process, from the receipt of the document to its destruction, from the transmission of the digital and physical documents to the return processes, must be traceable and manageable in a certain discipline.

We can manage your correspondence processes wherever you want. In particular, we can manage the processes of our customers who prefer the work-from-home model in our operation center.

At Your Location

At the AUDIS Operations Center


AUDIS, with its staff with 25 years of digital transformation experience and more than 400 project experience, makes your processes flawless with the highest level technologies.

All team, hardware and software for your communication processes are provided and managed by us.

  • operators.

    • Regular Project Trainings,

    • Competency Evaluation,

    • Performance Tracking.

  • High-Volume Document Scanners.

    • Scanner Maintenance and Consumables,

    • Image Enhancement Software,

    • Scanning Software.

  • Intelligent Data and Document Processing System.

  • Document (Communication) Management System.

  • PC, Notebook, Server, Storage, Barcode Reader.

  • Pure Materials and Equipment.

  • Physical Paperwork Requests.

    • Courier Service.