Contract Management System

The WorkLink+ Contract Management System manages all processes from the creation of your contracts to their execution as long as they remain in effect and their final termination. Contractual commitments also include performance analyzes according to contract conditions in order to operate all operational and financial processes in the most efficient way and to determine and reduce financial and reputational risk through compliance with contract conditions.

It supports the management of your quality processes by including the Supplier Selection and Evaluation functions.

The WorkLink+ Contract Management System digitizes and centrally manages all your contracts. It eliminates paper dependency in the contract search and review processes of stakeholders such as legal and compliance departments. The WorkLink+ Contract Management System also manages access to contracts so only authorized people can view contracts, increasing security.

Sözleşme Yönetim Sistemi
Contract Management
  • Price Increase Period Notifications

  • Contract Renewal and Termination Processes

  • Liability Follow-up and Penalty Conditions

  • Contract and Contract Attachments Tracking (Stamp Duty Receipt, Signature Circular etc.)

  • Procurement Selection Processes

  • Supplier Evaluation Processes

  • Digital Signature Integration

Digital Signature


Supplier Management

Document or Document Independent Process

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